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These items are available at the Farmer's Markets only; they represent the best of Oaxacan street food or "lite meals ".

Memelas - are best described as toasted Oaxacan pizzas - very healthy, the corn masa is flattened with a tortilla press then placed over a hot comal or griddle. Topped with Black Beans, Our own Mole Negro, Queso Fresco, Cabbage, Guacamole, and Salsa.

Empanadas - We offer two at the market, the first made with fresh pressed masa filled with Mole Amarillo (one of the famous "seven moles of Oaxaca"), Chicken, and Quesillo (Oaxacan String Cheese). The second is vegetarian with Mushrooms, Garlic, Epazote, Quesillo and Mole Amarillo, with the option of Fresh Herb Salsa on top.

Molotes- are a very special "holiday street food", found in Oaxaca during Guelaguetza, Easter, and Christmas times. It is made with a disk of fresh masa then filled with a Chorizo and Potato filling, fried, then topped with Black Bean Puree, Queso Fresco and garnished with sliced radishes.

Enchiladas - Fresh ground Corn Tortilla dipped in our own Enchilada Sauce, folded and sprinkled with Queso Fresco Cheese. We offer two at the market regular and Shredded Chicken.

Quesadillas- We offer two at the market, the first is the classic filled with Quesillo and Epazote. The second is made like the classic with chicken added.